Coin Collection Cards





UK charities currently have a great opportunity to collect vast amounts of 'Old Round Pounds'.. The Royal Mint advise that the Old Pound will remain in circulation until October 15th 2017. After then, for an unspecified period it will be possible to deposit them in most banks and Post Offices. 

So, the Great British Public will be rummaging through old drawers, pockets, down the back of sofas, in cars, jars and suitcases, in golf bags, rucksacks and handbags. They will crop up all over the place. You could run a competition to see who 'found a pound' in the strangest place!

These coin collection cards make collecting the pounds fun. Once you push the first pound into your coin card there is a natural tendency to want to fill the card as soon as possible. The cards fit comfortably into an A5 size envelope making it ideal for mailing out  - perhaps along with other material you are planning on sending anyway.

You may be able to get a corporate sponsor to pay for the cards in return for having their logo etc printed on the them. The opportunities are endless. The cards offer a large print area (full colour) on both sides providing lots of advertising space and  the opportunity to explain to donors where to hand in the coin cards when they are full. 

The cards hold 10 Old Pounds and the minimum order quantity is 250 cards. Alternatively we would be pleased to discuss producing cards of a different shape and holding a different number of coins if you wish. The minumum production quantity for custom shapes is 2000 cards.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and discussing options for your charity fundraising. We are